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Friday, April 14, 2006

Fear Factory - 13/04/06

I was pretty ill for most of this week, and I felt really bad at work and didn't think I'd make it to this one, but after a long sleep (all afternoon) I managed to get my head in gear for about 7ish, when Mr. Steven came round. After a quick taxi ride to Leeds Met, we were at the gig! We missed the first band but saw the second: Breed 77 who were very good, they came on with a sound that was very heavy and was expecting death style grunts, but real singing came out! During their set there was a circle pit of a very large size featuring 14 year olds getting their skulls pummelled. One kid smashed into a guy carrying 3 beers, who not suprisingly was not to pleased. He smacked the kid in the face, the kid then did about 2 full circles of the pit and then just fell face down in the middle! He was last seen sitting outside with an ice-pack on his chops!

Anyway on to the main attraction: The mighty Fear Factory, I've seen them a couple of times before, but they seemed particularly brain damaging heavy tonight! All the expected tracks were played from all of their multiple albums, but they left out Bite the hand that bleeds (from the film Saw!) and Gary Numan's cars, which was a bit of a shame! But they were damn fine! We bumped into Mr. Steven's mate, Jed whom then promptly gave us a lift home. Then after Chow Mein (from chinese take-away) and a cup of tea at Mr. Steven's it was time for bed! Here as usual, the pictorial evidence:

Next gig: The Sisters Of Mercy - see you soon after!


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