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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Leaves' Eyes + Atrocity + Elis - 06/05/06

First up let's start with Elis, Elis are a gothic metal band from the Principality of Liechtenstein, a very small country between Switzerland and Austria, and sing mainly in English with a few songs in German. The lead singer is a lady called Sabine, who kindly signed my post card after I had told her I already had her CD and it was good!

Here are some shots of them in action:

The Next band on were Atrocity, who are from Germany, interestingly they have the exact same band members as the headlining act Leaves' Eyes. The two main guys are: Alex Krull (lead singer Atrocity, support singer Leaves' Eyes)and Liv Kristine (lead singer Leaves' Eyes, support singer Atrocity). Liv is from Norway and is married to Alex! Atrocity have many songs that sound a bit like Rammstein, but with english lyrics! Their album is called Atlantis and is a concept album, all about, yep, you guessed it, the legend of Atlantis. They finished their set with a rather storming cover of the Tears For Fears song "Shout", metaltastic!! Here are some pics, note the cool mic stand!

After the Atrocity set, the band wandered off for 15 mins and came back as Leaves' Eyes and played most of their Vinland Saga CD, a concept album about Erik the Red discovering America! and also a few tracks from their first (and superior imho) CD Lovelorn. The best tracks have nice contrasting vocals between Alex (death grunts!) and Liv (great natural voice). Leaves' Eyes are a much more melodic band than Atrocity, very different considering its the same 6 guys! Here are some more piccies:

Afterwards Alex posed for this picture for me, He is very nice for a large scary German guy!

Inbetween the two sets, Liv nipped out for a quick fag, at which point I said "Hello" and asked her if she would sign my CD of her solo album, Which she very kindly did!

Back of CD book!

Front of CD!

After getting Alex to pose for the scary photo, it seemed rude not to buy a copy of Atrocity's new CD as well, well it was only a tenner! Very good it is too!

What an action packed night that was! Anyway, oh by the way, Liv's album is very good too, it was a bit of a shock as it is a pop music album with no metal tracks, but not bad all the same!


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