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Friday, May 05, 2006

Sisters Of Mercy - 03/05/06

Ah, The Sisters Of Mercy - this gig got of to a very bad start! I due to meet Simon from work in O'Neill's at 6pm for Burger and Pints, but on the way into Leeds, there was "An incident in Pickering St" as the Police kindly put it that stopped me getting into Leeds pretty much full stop! We were not allowed into the town centre and I was eventually dropped off outside the Library pub near Uni at 7pm, also my only copy of Simon's mobile number was in my email and not my phone :-(

So I headed straight to the fine drinking establishment known as The Fenton to meet Mr. Steven, Mrs. Tracy, and Mr. Mark who also had been stuck in traffic. After a swift pint we heard that Mr. Stan and Mrs. Olga were also stuck in traffic but had found the alternative drinking establishment The Eldon, so we wandered off toward the Eldon for more pints.

Mr. Mark was getting jittery at this point thinking we would miss the gig, so we headed over to the Refec at about 8:30ish.

Once inside the Sisters came on, and could have been pretty much anyone, as they had so much smoke you couldn't actually see them, just these shadowy silhouettes (see photos below) They played most songs we wanted, eg Temple of Love, This Corrosion and Dominion, but Mr. Steven was upset that they did not play Marian! After gig, we bumped into Simon, who was like "where the bloody hell were you!", but wasn't too upset luckily.

Then we proceeded to Drinking establishment no:3 The Packhorse for last orders, which wasn't until half 12, so many more pints were comsumed! Felt strangely fine the next day which was quite a suprise!

Next Gig - Leaves' Eyes watch this space!

Some piccys follow!

You can kinda see a guitarist!

Loads of smoke and Andrew Eldritch!

Tracy, Steve, Olga, Mark + Stan!

Tracy, Steve, Olga, Mark, and my finger!

Tracy, Steve + Olga!


At 5:44 pm, Blogger Chernobylizer said...

The Sisters gig was just as I dreamed it would be, LOADS of smoke (sometimes black smoke!) and noise and just the occasional silhouette of someone who just might have been Andrew Eldrich, but could have been almost anyone. I look forward to "not seeing" the Sisters if there ever is a next time.


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