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Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Rolling Stones - 29/08/06

Ah, them bones! Yep the Strollers are exceedingly old, but that Mick Jagger sure still has some energy for a 63 year old bloke! He also still drives women wild, even my mum (60) climbed up on the seats to get a good look at him! Anyway their show was frickin' amazing, wonderful stage design, crazy lighting and effects, and a great selection of songs, the ones that you can go woo-woo to were best - e.g. Miss You, Sympathy for the Devil, Streets of Love etc, but they were all good. Whilst Mick was a man of action, good old Keef was as laid back as ever - "Alwight it's great to be here! - It's great to be anywhere!" and laughed at the folk at the front with the inflatable coconut trees, in reference to his infamous fall out of one recently, one would guess!

Might be good to mention that the gig was at the Millenium Stadium in Cardiff, which is enormous! There were approx 50,000 punters watching the show, which at £150 and £90 per head, will be a nice fat wad for Mick and co. to go home with! The Stadium famously has a sliding roof, which they decided to keep closed, presumably for sound reasons. Also the stadium is bang in the centre of town, so if the roof was open, everyone for miles would have heard them!

As i said on Tuesday, the ticket said no cameras but I got a few shots on my phone cam. In the one above, (I know its not right clear, but then it is a phone cam!) You may just be able to make out that the Bones are on a little stage that projected out from the main stage right to the back of the stadium, so everyone could have a good look. For the last song - Satisfaction, Mick ran from the main stage right to the end of the track and back again, whilst still singing, that's the length of a football pitch! It said in the paper this morning he needed oxygen backstage, I can't say i'm surprised!


At 2:18 pm, Blogger Mr Nobody said...

Yes, yes, but you've not addressed the all important perennial question: "Did they have saggy arses?"

At 2:44 pm, Blogger Carlski said...

Mr. Steven, my Mum says that Mick's arse is as tight as a knats chuff!


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