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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Fred and Ellie's Wedding do - 11/08/06

Here we are having fun and games and "air guitaring" at Fred and Ellie's wedding night do! Yes myself and a number of comrades, also known Emma, Joe, Michelle, Jim and Jo travelled to the perils of the greater 'uddersfield area on Friday for the bash. Also featuring Jitesh and his missus (sorry Jit, mind has gone blank!) Joe as usual feasted on multiple pints of Strongbow and got comically drunk as usual, but he is a great laugh.

After several pints of Strongbow, I also had the urge to act silly and encourage the bridegroom to accompany me in a spot of the old "air guitar", yep that us, (see above and below!)

Afterwards, we got a taxi back to the train station, where a very nice bloke who worked for First, let us into the very locked station waiting room, whilst we waited for the train back to Leeds.

Many thanks to Emma for being our photographer for the evening and providing these three amusing photograph do da's for me.


At 11:49 pm, Blogger Chernobylizer said...

Splendid Carl. Your weblog is at once both entertaining and informative, you are a credit to the weglobbing community. Can I please visit your house and listen to Norweigian Black Metal whilst snorting medical alcohol?

At 10:39 pm, Blogger Mr Nobody said...

Please could I photocopy my own backside and go shopping for some little old ladies, obviously in the style of Rod Hull and Emu on crack cocaine and ketamine!


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