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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Sabine Dünser: 1977 - 2006

Sabine was the singer in a band called Elis, whom you may remember I saw back in May, she was kind enough to sign my post card and laughed at my comedy yorkshireness which she couldn't understand. Sadly on the 7th July, she died of a brain haemorrhage. She was a great singer, and left us with a couple of really good albums.

I'll leave the last words to the band:

"Tief bestürzt und traurig müssen wir euch mitteilen, dass Sabine nicht mehr unter uns weilt!

Während der Bandprobe am Freitag den 7.7.06 hat Sabine eine Gehirnblutung erlitten, an der sie einen Tag später im Spital erlegen ist!

Aus Rücksicht auf die Angehörigen und Freunde haben wir uns entschlossen, die Homepage vom Netz zu nehmen.

Wir brauchen nun Zeit um zu entscheiden, wie wir weiter vorgehen werden und beantworten bis auf weiteres keine Mails.

Sing mit den Engeln Sabine! Wir werden dich nie vergessen!

Chris, Max, Pete, Tom"

Which translates as:

"Deeply confused and sad, we have to inform you, that Sabine isn't among us anymore!

While the bands rehearsal on Friday the 7.7.06, Sabine suffered a cerebral haemorrhage from which she died a day later at the hospital!

On regard to the family and friends, we have decided to take the homepage from the net.

We need time now, to decide if and how we approach further and we will not answer any mails at the moment.

Sing with the angels Sabine! We will never forget you!

Chris, Max, Pete, Tom"


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