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Saturday, May 27, 2006

David Gilmour - 26/05/06

Having been ill for a couple of weeks I was beginning to think I would miss this one too, but luckily I made it to Manchester. It was a great gig, even thought the air-conditioning in the Hall must have failed as it was ridiculously hot all night. Anyway David played every song from his number one album "From an Island" was luckily doesn't have a bad track on it. He also play some songs from the extentensive Pink Floyd back catalogue, including a full 23 minute version of Echoes and also Arnold Layne (the first ever Floyd single from 1967!) He also brought along special guests David Crosby and Graham Nash (who my Mum bumped into in Sainsbury's!) to sing on a couple of numbers!

Here are a couple of photos!

David + Richard Wright (also of Floyd) on Keyboards!

David + Crozzer and Nash!


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