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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Attack Of The Scary Hair!! (A.K.A: Art Garfunkel) - 19/06/06

Let's first have a look at Manchester Bridgewater Hall, as I think it is a very nice looking building! (Arrgh! I'm turning into Prince Charles!!)

Hmm, Mr Garfunkel, he amazed us all by appearing to melt into another dimension right before our very eyes!

Or: Was it just Carlski who cannot take photos for toffee. Digital Photography course anyone!

Anyway: Mr Seaweed (A.K.A Rob) would have loved this gig, as Mr. G artfully (cough!) sang his way through many of the classic Simon + Garfunkel tunelets. All was well until He brought on Mini Me/Cloned Son: James Garfunkel, who unfortunately appeared to have being afflicted with the same comedy hair as his dear old Dad!

The poor lad looked very frightened as he sang a song on his own, and then went scurrying off!

So to sum up: Not bad, but methinks that When Paul Simon tours his excellent new album "Surprise" (Go pick up a copy now, boys and girls!) He will be much better! Although if anyone saw him on Jools Holland's TV show the other week will know he currently has "hair issues" as well!


At 10:19 pm, Blogger Mr Nobody said...

That Paul Simon bloke - did he like, have some kind of saggy arse?

At 11:48 am, Blogger Carlski said...

shortarse maybe, saggy not sure


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