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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Whitesnake - 27/05/06

After staying overnight in Manchester, it was off to Whitesnake with my mate Honk Stewart! The Snake were a little dissapointing tonight as they played 90% the same set as in their 2004 tour! David Coverdale looked very scary, a bit like a skeleton, but still all the middle-aged women were screaming for him! Deep Purple's Burn was like last time the best song! (Anyone wondering why the Snake would be doing Purple songs may not know that David Coverdale was the singer in Purple from 1974-76.)

David's new bass player is called Uriah Duffy, David asked him if his parents liked Dickens, he said "No, they loved 70's progressive rock and that he was named after the band Uriah Heep", he also mentioned that he had a brother called Yes!

Here as ever are some pics!

Reb Beach (ex Winger) on Guitar

David and Uriah!


At 10:22 pm, Blogger Mr Nobody said...

Usual post aged-rocker gig Mr-Steven question: Did he have a saggy spandex(tm)arse?


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