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Monday, June 26, 2006

The Who - 25/06/06

Who's better, Who's best! No doubt about it The Who came to Leeds for the second time in two weeks and rocked for nearly two hours! They started with "Who Are You" and played pretty much what you would expect between that song and "Won't Get Fooled Again " which was the last song.

"The Seeker" was an unexpected nice suprise, but unfortunately they swapped "Eminence Front" which they played at the Leeds Uni gig, with "Cry If You Want" a less good track from "It's Hard", but other than that they were excellent.

Best quips from Roger - "Last week it was 100 degrees at the uni, this week it's fucking freezing, you just can't win!" and "Now we are gonna be pretentious arse-holes and go off, have a quick cup of tea and then come back on!".

When "Baba O'Reilly" came on, there were a couple of young kids, about 16ish, who were asking "Is this a special song or something?" and I said to them, "Yeah, you might know it, it's the theme tune to "CSI:NY", and they replied "Oh yeah, we love that show" and another girl piped up "I always think of that as well, now!" Damn you, Jerry Bruckheimer!

Here as ever are some pix!

"England did well, son!"

Big screen action!

Dig the woolly hat, Pete!

Next gig - Death Cab for Cutie (Round Two!) at Leeds Uni on Tuesday, come back after then!


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I say briefly: Best! Useful information. Good job guys.


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