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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Movie: The Fountain - Dir: Darren Aronofsky

The Fountain is a really f*kin' storming movie! The film is a strange mix of "Apocalypto" meets "2001: A Space Odyssey" It basically features Hugh Jackman (superb performance!) searching for the "Tree of Life" in the new world in 1500 - searching for a cure for his wife's (played by Rachel Weisz) cancer in 2007, and flying around in a spherical spaceship with only a tree (tree of life??) for company in 2500! Yes its pretty damn weird, but pretty damn good! The story is well paced, the photography and editing excellent and the score stirring and moving at the same time! There's also a bit of action and people getting speared and whacked over the head for people who like that shit also :-)

If you have a PlayStation 3 or Blu-Ray Disc Player. The Blu-Ray Disc has way more features than the standard DVD and an absolutely fabulous picture to boot! It has the same 1 hour documentary and deleted scenes, but has an extra 40 mins of VFX and storyboarding stuff thats pretty interesting too! The one let down is no commentary track unlike Darren Aronofsky's previous two movies "Pi" and "Requiem For A Dream"

Basically a good film for Sci-fi fan everywhere! 9.5/10!


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