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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Ozzy Osbourne Day! - 06/07/07

Friday 7th July will forever be known as "Ozzy Osbourne Day" in the fair city of Birmingham, for on this day the world's favourite "Brummie" was awarded the first star on the "Birmingham Walk of Fame"!

Around 2000 screaming lunatics turned up in Centenary Square, to watch events unfold!

Th event was host by some useless DJ from the local radio station, and was mercilessly heckled throughout!

The lord mayor then went on about all of Ozzy's achievements, such as staying alive this long, to cries of "f*-k off" from the crowd!

Ozzy was then give a replica of the "star" and the day after the real star was placed in the pavement on Broad Street. Ozzy mumbled a few unintelligible words mentioning something about "Birmingham becoming a bit posh"!


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