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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Snakes & Arrows - Review!

I have listened to it now about 5 or 6 times, so I believe I have ingested enough of it to give a proper review!

Firstly, the production is so much better than on their last album "Vapor Trails", and also the consistancy of the songs is much better over all, generally speaking they are much better than any on VT.

The album starts of a little weakly with "Far Cry", which is a pretty standard Rush tune, nothing particularly special. "Armor And Sword", follows and is a little better, nice acoustic guitar reminicent of "Presto", but still a bit over long. "Workin' Them Angels" is the next track, and is superb, good both musically and lyrically, same can be said of the next track "The Larger Bowl".

Spindrift is the first 10/10 track, it sounds like classic Rush should, stunning! "The Main Monkey Business" is the first instrumental, and is excellent, more brilliant guitaring from Lerxt! "The Way The Wind Blows" is next and is a little less good than the last 2 tracks.

"Hope" is next and is a 2 minute "12 string acoustic guitar" workout, brilliant, but rather pointless, could be any good guitarist, not very Rush sounding!

"Faithless", "Bravest Face" and "Good News First" are all 10/10 new Rush Classics, espesially like the orchestral arrangement on "Faithless".

"Malignant Narcissism" is the 3rd and last instrumental, 2 minutes of funkyness, quite groovy. The name comes from the film "Team America: World Police" and features a sample from said movie. Neil Peart, the drummer is good friends with Matt Stone (one of the co-creators of Team America) so permission for the clip would have been easily come by!

"We Hold On" is the last track and is another straight ahead rocker! All in all, a great album: 9/10

But not everyone thinks this way: Check out this review from an "alledged Rush fan":

I definately do not agree with the Geddy Lee, quote:"warbles atonally over the music like an amateur improvising while hearing it for the first time." bit,

Or the "In places, in the remaining songs, there are some interesting musical moments - but for the most part, these songs have been crucified by the most half-baked, awkward, embarrassing vocal performance you're likely to hear this side of hymn practice at a special needs school."

And certainly not: "Ah well. Even without the Geddy Lee Cringe Factorâ„¢, this would be at best a below-average post grunge rock record that sparkles rarely and mostly falls flat. As it is, it's a dog."

It's far from a dog, so maybe this guy should go and listen to some Arctic Monkeys or other such shite!! I sincerely hope he ain't sitting next to me come the tour!!


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