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Monday, March 05, 2007

Steven Seagal and Thunderbox - 04/03/07

I had the choice of at least 3 gigs to go to on this day! Whilst Garry was at Nine Inch Nails and Emmy was at The Eagles of Death Metal, I chose actor, musician, martial artist, philanthropist (his words NOT mine!) Steven Seagal!!!

Here is the only picture I managed to take (very over-exposed) as security was tight - he is after all a Hollywood star!

When me and Honk arrived at Halifax Victoria Theatre we were shocked to find all Seagal's hardcore fans were "pensioners". Honk thought they had mistaken Steven Seagal for "Jonathan Livingston Seagull" (obscure Neil Diamond joke!)

First up was the support "SUPER CHIKAN"! he is a scary old Louisiana bluesman and all his guitars where home made: one out of a ceiling fan and one made of a old tin box and a pool cue for a neck!! Super Chikan played half an hour of "Delta blues" he was very entertaining!!

As the security people (get a job with the yellow men at MEN Arena!) wouldn't let anyone take any pics here is a proper one!

Seagal came on and would only be referred to as "The Mojo Priest"! He and his band of Samuel L Jackson look-alikies played some mostly original blues numbers with a gospel tinge! His show was strangely a bit similar to a James Brown (RIP) show!

"The Mojo Priest" played his "hits", "Talk To My Ass", "Alligator Ass" and a cover of The Troggs "Wild Thing"! He was (very suprisingly!) very entertaining a good lively show and he was quite funny as well! His singing voice was a bit like Leonard Cohen!

Overall quite a good show! Next show is still not the Deftones, but Journey tomorrow!


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