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Sunday, February 04, 2007

"Cold gin time again..." ROA - 03/02/07

The first visit to Rock Of Ages for 2007, with a new recruit, Richard, a.k.a "Psycho" or "Me? a Bee?" coming along with the usual hardcore group of Me, Mr. Steven and Emmy! As ever we started off in the Fenton below:

As per norm in the Fenton on a Saturday night were the usual insane fancy dress people, who were pissed after finishing the "legendary" "Otley Run" pub crawl.

We invited Garry who didn't make it, perhaps due to a very scary taxi incident on my birthday where Mr. and Mrs. Steven insisted that Garry must come for Sunday dinner or face certain death.

Ahh.. the usual beer bottle shaped microphones were out in full force again!

Here follows a couple of shots of Mr. Psycho who isn't overly found of his photo taking, but knows all the words to Iron Maiden's "Aces High"!

After much booze was quaffed, we headed to the front of the stage where we encountered a very active smoke machine! Here it is attacking Emmy...

More smoke.. cough!

As usual it was a top night and Mr. Steven was super-squiffy as ever, resulting in bust nose and an inappropriate pissing incident!

Next time we hope to get some more recruits so watch this space.. There is also some actual gigs coming up soon as well.


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