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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Asia - 28/11/06

Ah, the reformed Asia or let's stalk Geoffrey Downes part 2!

Asia reformed with their "original line-up" in February, this tale has being told in a previous blog! and the gig finally came around..

Asia decided to play every single song from their first album a couple from Alpha and a few old numbers from the members previous bands:

So Steve Howe did the old "Yes" chestnut - "Roundabout", John Wetton did King Crimson's "Court Of The Crimson King", Carl Palmer did ELP's version of Copeland's "Fanfare For The Common Man" and Geoff did of course "Video Killed The Radio Star"...

Now on the previous Asia tour, (In Bradford!) I had, had a few jars and took the piss out of Mr. Downes (as he signed my CD), slating his "Buggles" masterpiece (and No:1 hit!) the aformentioned "Video Killed The Radio Star"......

Anyway, Asia recorded the live show and had it available for sale on CD straight after the gig. You had to queue up for the CD and then queue up to get it signed, When I got to Mr. Downes, he quickly signed it and then ran off out of the fire escape... leaving everyone else in the queue to get just three signatures! Did he recognise me from Bradford and run off! I am now awaiting the "Restraining Order"!
The gig was very good however!! and I haven't been arrested yet!

Here is the aformentioned signed CD of the nights show! Note I have all 4 signatures! After I scared Geoff off, everyone else in the queue after me only got 3!


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