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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Paul Simon - 04/11/06

After the mayhem that was Slayer, I was expecting a nice quiet evening with Paul Simon.... I didn't get it as there was a lot of trouble at the show, yes, Paul Simon fans are bigger lunatics than Slayer fans! Can you believe it!

Basically, Paul said "why are you all sitting down at the front?" and then loads of people ran to the front of the stage and some people to the right got pissed off that they couldn't see, so loads of the MEN Yellow men turned up and a scuffle occured, I though one old geezer was going to get decked by this guy in front. It was very funny to watch!

It took the MEN Yellowmen ages to sort out the fracas at the front and I was taking far more notice of this event, than what was going on on stage!

What can we say about Paul then? Well, He was good, he played a couple of new songs of "Surprise" and the usual one off "Graceland" and a few Simon & Garfunkel numbers, but the best song was "Train In The Distance" from "Hearts And Bones", the best and most under-rated Paul Simon album..

After all the trouble though, I'll remember the gig for that and not the music. I think i'll stick to Metal shows in future, as they are much safer!


At 10:09 pm, Blogger Chernobylizer said...

Well done Karlini, you knowledgebank. You know, Simon and Garf' were the original inciters of punk hooliganism. Simon needs to take a leaf out of the Roger Waters book and spit on anyone who doesn't sit down quietly with their arms crossed and swoon at every word uttered.

At 6:29 pm, Blogger Mr Nobody said...

Yes, make them drink Empire Ale while listening to choppity-chop noises on a 1970's 8-track, that's what I'd make them do, the harmonising saggy-arsed good-for-nothing suede wearing sound of silence singing ne'er do wells!!

Is my dinner ready yet? it must be time for my dinner! aaaaaargh! (thud!)

Plop - plop, ploppity-plop.

She-bop-bop ummm-bop doobey-do-ahh.

I'm going to dress up as Zippy from rainbow so I can play tig with gingerbread men.


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