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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Mastodon - Blood Mountain

This is one of those albums that has got ridiculously good reviews in every magazine I've encountered - 4/5 Kerrang! 10/10 Metal Hammer, 9/10 Classic Rock, 4.5/5 Terrorizer: It has to be one of the mosted hyped releases of the year! The metal album of the year apparently... Even t'ASDA is selling it!

Anyway, as t'ASDA were selling it for £9.77, I thought "I buy it, see what its like". So is it the greatest metal album of the year? Is it even any good! The answer is I don't really know - I've now listened to it about 3 times and I still can't decide if its genius or total bollocks!

The only thing I can say at the moment is that Brann Dailor is possibly the finest drummer i've heard in many a long year, he is like Keith Moon on acid. The guitarist is also very, very talented! But there is just something not right...

Anyway, come November 24th, I will see them live supporting Tool, that may answer many questions.. ?/10 at the moment, I think i'll give it a few more listens first!


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