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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Rock Of Ages (2) - 02/09/06

Ah, t'was Rock Of Ages week again! This was our first visit since April when Mr. Rob (A.K.A. Mr. Seaweed) was here. Tonight we had a few more friends than usual: Miss. Andi and Mr. Ian from ISS, Mr. Mark from Sulzer, Mr. Paul (A.K.A. Hospital-head) and some of Emma's Blackburn crew. The night was generally good as usual, although we lost Mr. Mark and we had a bit of trouble with some geezer who said we'd nicked his seats even tho we had been there for at least half an hour. Mr. Paul had a bit of a to-do with said geezer and then went home early as the whole encounter had spoilt his night.

Anyway, the rest of us carried on, and had a good time! BTW this piccy was nicked from Emma's Bloglet without permission, but i'm sure she won't mind, as payment for use, can i point you towards: Emma's Bloglet so you can have a look at Emma's version of events and a few more quality photos! Oh and Mr. Steven, I expect to see some on your blog too! (Mr Steven's ramblings emporium)


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