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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Asia - From Last Year!

Following on from the GPS gig (See Below!) I found these pictures from last March's (Old) Asia show in Bradford. It may sound like a bit of Geoffrey Downes slagging, but not so, I have a ticket for the "Original" Asia come November!

Ohh.. look it's Geoff Downes before he sacked everyone!

Geoff with his many keyboards thinking "hmm.. original line up would make more cash!"

Geoff thinks "I have John Wetton's number somewhere, I think i'll give him a ring!"

John Payne and Guthrie Govan when they were still in Asia

Geoff and Guthrie.

Asia CD signed by Geoff Downes, John Payne, Guthrie Govan and Chris Slade.

Guthrie's Solo CD, its very good if you like instrumental guitar albums - it's a bit like Joe Satriani. Check out:


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