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Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Cult - 23/09/06

I wasn't feeling too well yesterday, but managed to make it anyway. Met up in The Fenton before gig with Mr. and Mrs. Steven, Mr. Mark, Dave and Debbie. Also present were Simon, t'other Paul and his other-half*, Ruth, Vanessa and her brother*. Inside the Refec, the temperature was very high, on a couple of occasions I though I might have to leave as I was not feeling too good, but the band were too good to miss. Mr. Steven et al, went down to the front, I prefered to stay a bit further back with Simon. The Cult played all the required hits, and not suprisingly ended with "She Sells Sanctuary". Some of us then headed to The Packhorse for another pint whilst we tried to order a taxi.

*Sorry, names have been forgotten again!

As ever here are a few piccies, Note: These pictures are all half-inched from Mr. Steven's blog as I had no camera available!

Firstly Myself, Mr. Steven and Mr. Mark.

Here we are with the Simon and t'other Paul!

And as ever a couple of the band in action:


At 9:57 pm, Blogger Chernobylizer said...

Karl, you are a godsend, don't let that madman Mr Steven drag you down. I read your webbyloggy every morning over my crunchie nut cornflakes, and often quote your profound words at the top of my voice as I am making love.

Am admirer.


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