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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Iron Maiden - 18/12/06

Iron Maiden's new album "A Matter Of Life And Death" features quite highly in my Top 10 albums of the year! (See my next post!) So it was quite a good idea that they had to play the entire album all the way through this tour, which is what they did at Sheffield the other night.

As you can see, we had seats that were unfortunately quite a long way away from the stage. So therefore I pinched a few photos from the t'interweb as usual!

Here is Bruce Dickinson dwarfed by a rather large picture of Eddie dressed as a WWII soldier! This is during the very excellent song "These Colours Don't Run"

This picture is of Dave Murray (or is it Jannick Gers) and Steve "Arry" Harris (Mr. Clickety clackety bass himself!)

The stage design was rather like a bombed out village such like as seen in "Saving Private Ryan" or some other such film. Basically the new album is pretty much all about war and is strangely topical for Iron Maiden..

And, Oh yes, Eddie did appear as usual during "Iron Maiden" in a big tank type thing, excellent! Anyway due to the "Maiden" playing all their new album, they only had chance to play 5 old songs, so some people were quite pissed off that they did not get to hear "The Trooper", "The Number Of The Beast" or "Run To The Hills". However as this was my 10th (Yep thats right 10th!) Iron Maiden gig it was quite nice to hear some different songs and not the above over and over again! So to sum it up: Iron Maiden, a pretty convincing 9/10 as usual!

Oh, and finally, let's not forget Trivium, the dullest support band I've seen in a long time! I Nearly went to sleep, as they were peddling their "We sound like a shitty version of Metallica" songs, The guy even nicked James Hetfield's speaking style, very, very lame indeed! Another Band that were good for just one album... Pants!


At 12:29 am, Blogger Mr Nobody said...

Went to the Madchester MEN one. Thought Trivium would be shite so turned up late (8:30) to avoid the rush and neck a few beers. Nice version of 'Hallowed be thy name' - sounded just like the double cassette!


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