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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Other Things That Week! (The Last Week In November!)

The last week in November was a very busy week! Then after all that excitement, I got a cold and felt shit all last week, i'm still a bit sniffley now :-(

Anyway the other things were:


Little Britain on the 30th November at the Grand Theatre in Leeds, - got dragged on stage by David Walliams! I have proof, my friend Neil (who's a Policeman!) saw me!! Good show, pretty much the same as the live DVD tho!


Rock Of Ages/Fenton visit on the 1st of December, met up with Emma and Dan, plus Mr. Me? A Bee? + Friend and Peter H. in the Fenton. Then Myself + Emma and Dan went to ROA in the Union and met DJ Dave and jived to a bit of Rock for a while! I then got a Taxi home with an exceedingly nice Taxi driver who only charged me a Tenner! (It's usually loads more!)

Unfortunately, Mr. Steven couldn't make it, so the ashtray contents eating event had to be postponed!

I've got no pictures from this ROA, so am re-using an old one! Yes I know it's got Rob (AKA Seaweed!) on it, but thats to add an Aussie theme, as a tip of the hat to Emma's Aussie Blog! This reasoning is of course utter bollocks, but what the hell!


At 10:42 am, Blogger Emma said...

That's cheating! Anyway, your hair is much longer now Carlski. Positively muppet length!


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