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Monday, February 19, 2007

Hot Fuzz - it's not a gig it's a film!

Hot Fuzz, tis' a film not a gig, nor is it 'owt to do with music, but it is however very good! Emmy's review was quite negative in places and I thought i'd redress the balance... Yes it was predictable, but in a good way, yes it had sickening effects that i wasn't expecting, but again not a disapointment. However, as with most films these days you could have lost about 20 mins and quickened up the pace a bit! Editors today are crap! Also there were a few gags that missed the mark, but hey oh..

Emmy couldn't think of anything positive in her review - I am Mr. Negative regarding most things, but here are 10 positive points:

1: The first hour of the film is "fried gold", possibly the funniest first hour of a film i've seen in ages!
2: Multiple Bill Bailey's!
3: Timothy (James Bond) Dalton is the funniest camp villain seen in ages!
4: Edward (Equalizer) Woodward, classy!
5: The subtle piss take of "The Wicker Man" (also starring Edward Woodward)!
6: The use of score from Bad Boys II and Lethal Weapon!
7: Anne (Ken Barlow's dead wifey no: 1) Reid!
8: Nick Frost!
9: Nick Frost!
10: hmm, how about Nick Frost!
I could go on..

Overall, I would give it a strong 4 out 5, pop pickers. I think it may rate slightly higher than Shaun Of The Dead, which has a cameo appearance all of its own!


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