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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Journey - 06/03/07

Those familiar with Manchester Apollo will note that row C is the front row, woo! Hence, why even on a phone cam the pics are pretty good, and with no heads in the way!

Journey's support tonight was Danny Vaughn (ex Tyketto, Waysted) who played an all accoustic set, he was excellent.

I was quite pleased we had seats on the left hand side, so I was right in front of Neal Schon, who is one of rocks greatest guitarists! It was also good after Seagal that the audience was not a load of pensioners!

Neal up close! Journey played basically all the hits, saving the best three for last "Don't Stop Believin'", "Anyway You Want It" and "Seperate Ways (Worlds Apart)" ! New singer Jeff Scott Soto was also excellent, much better sounding IMHO than Steve Augeri (the last guy!) but still not as good as Steve Perry (the original guy!), but can't have everything!

At the end of the show I managed to get hold of one of Neal's picks, yeah! Also got the customary t-shirt as well! Excellent gig, quite possibly one going in the top ten of all time! Check the archives for June 2006 and see what I thought of then, the last time they played the Apollo! Next up is definitely Deftones on Friday!


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