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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Deftones - 09/03/07

Oh dear, its been a while since i've posted anything here, as I have not been too well. So this is going back a few weeks.

This was quite a good gig considering it was at the Refec (again! The Refec is doing quite well recently in getting some good rock/metal shows!), although it did suffer a tad from the usual bad sound. I went a long to this gig with my friend Michael, who hadn't been to a gig in about 8 years. He enjoyed it very much too.

Deftones played a very mixed set with songs coming from all 5 of their albums. I didn't get in early enough to see the support band play as I had a previous engagement at the Fenton!

Here as ever are a few shots of the band! The crowd was a strange mix of young kids and old rockers!

The new songs are quite mellow, and they were the ones that sounded best, due to the ol' Refec sound!

Next gig was Mastodon at Sheffield Corporation!


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