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Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Who - 23/05/07- "We are not the Arctic Monkeys!"

The Who at Sheffield Arena! This was their first tour since last year's Leeds Uni and Harewood House come back. As they bounded onto the stage Pete's first words to introduce the first song was: "We are not the Arctic Monkeys!"

Tonight they played a load of new songs from their recent "Endless Wire" CD, and very good they were too!

They also played one totally new song called "Real Good Looking Boy" about Elvis which was excellent and cunningly only available on their new "The Who - Best Of 1964-2007" out 7th June - so need to buy CD of 19 previously owned tracks to get this one new song :-(

Pete was on top comedy form with his inbetween track comments - particularly funny were more comedy quips about the Arctic Monkeys! e.g "If we sell as many copies as them, it'll be a fucking miracle" and "Things were different in our days, but then they are only 12 and a half"

Overall it was a very good gig - the audience seemed a little quiet, but thats nowt new for Hallam FM Arena! It wasn't sold out either, but they are playing a big outdoor show at KC Stadium in Hull on Saturday, which may be more popular!

The Who are releasing this show, along with all the other shows on this tour on DVD and CD via their website - may invest in a copy of last nights it was good!

Next gig is Magnum on Friday, more then!


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