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Saturday, May 03, 2008

3 Inches Of Blood - 02/05/08

Yes, Mr. Somebodyelse, Rios is now indeed in Leeds and not Bradford! I also agree that Facebook sucks serious ass! I'm very close to deleting my account as it's the most annoying f*%ked-up shit on t'interweb! Anyway let's talk about Vancouver, Canada's very own, 3 Inches Of Blood - You would think that they were a Scandinavian battle metal if you didn't know any better and they frakkin' rock big time!

Last week we only saw the last two songs from the 3"ers, this week we got to see the whole show, but still with crazy shit going on! 3" had a small but devoted crowd gathered in Leeds on Friday for an excellent set of rowdy battle metal anthems, Cam Pipes was in good form with his "Evil" Rob Halford inpressions, awesome!

THe crowd were a set of complete nutters with one of the craziest circle pits i've seen in a long while, this was also the cause of Friday's comedy!

Honk decided that at 50 years old, you are still young enough to have a mosh in the circle pit, this was of course after several pints too many... After running out of the pit looking somewhat green, he proceeded to spew all over my arm and then the floor, before being booted out by the bouncers! At this point Brian, came over wondering what had happened to Honk, and slipped on his back straight into the pool of vom! It was classic!

So this was two strange gigs in a row for Honk Stewart, pissing off half way through last weeks, and then getting chucked out of this one! God knows what will happen next....

The next gig is a complete change of pace - Robert Plant & Alison Krauss at the Manchester Apollo on Wednesday, see you after then!


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