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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Rush - 14/10/07

Sunday brought with it the final Rush gig at Manchester MEN Arena, and this was the one where we were sat the furthest back from the stage! However this seemed to produce some of the best photos!

None suprisingly the setlist was the same as the other two nights! Geddy had got his voice back and there were no mistakes tonight! (there was a false early trigger of sampled backing vocals at Brum!)and as usual a Manchester crowd is a bit more lively than those southern lot!

Here is a picture of the Rush Posse! From left to right: Honk, Myself and Seymour! This pic was taken at the finest Wetherspoons pub of them all - The Moon Under The Water in rainy ol' Manchester! (although it was amazingly dry that day!) Where much alcohol was quaffed before the gig!

And for the last time, some lovely piccies from Manchester!


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