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Monday, July 30, 2007

Scorpions - 29/07/07

Scorps at Manchester Apollo. Support from MSG (Michael Schenker Group). Good to see ol'Metal Mickey pissed as a fart as usual, he managed 3 songs before falling over and getting booed off! Ace!

The Scorps then appeared to play the crowd 2+ hours of German "Metaalll!!" With ex guitarist Uli Jon Roth with them to do a few oldies, the crowd got a very mixed bag of classic Scorps tuneage!

They played tracks from nearly all their album except the 3 really shitty 90's albums!

THe highlights being "The Zoo", "Blackout" and a couple of "newies" Some fans kept shouting for Herman "The German" during the drum solo not realising that Herman had left the band and that new drummer James Kottak is neither called Herman, nor is he German!

For encore it was lighters or phones out for the best of the Scorpions ballads - "Still Loving You" and of course the classic "Wind Of Change". For a big sing along finish, it was time to "Rock You Like a Hurricane"! Awesome!


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