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Friday, August 24, 2007

Tool - 23/08/07

If there was a prize for how many lasers, lights and potted plants you could get in the Manchester Apollo - then Tool would win hands down.

Here are a couple of shots sourced via google images as, as per normal with Tool, and growing in popularity with all sorts, cameras and phones were banned from the venue.

Anyway, Tool were scarily awesome yet again, with ridiculously loud pummeling riffs and a spectacularly fantastic light show! Maynard was on strangely bizzare form even holding up score cards, like ice skating, except rating the drum solo!

Due to the no photos rule here are some strangely comical promo piccies from the 10,000 Days album:

All in all, yet another fantastic gig! 9/10!

Next up is a quite a gap, followed by Rush week in October!


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