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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Rush - 06/10/07 (Part 2)

The highlight of the second half of the show was "Tom Sawyer" with a highly amusing special "South Park" video intro! (The South Park guys are big Rush fans!)

The pictures accompanying this blog entry are courtesy of Sarah, as was the video clip above!

The second half of the show had them beating Tool's light show, (which they in turn had nicked from Rush anyway!) by having some pyro and flame units to out do them by! Green lasers through smoke are always cool!

Also this tour they had chicken rotisseries behind Geddy to make up for him having no speakers stacks! A couple of chefs would pop out throughout the night to tend to the chickens!

The second half of the show mainly showcased songs from their latest album "Snakes & Arrows" which went down suprisingly well. They then encored with "One Little Victory" (major flameage!)"A Passage To Bangkok" and "YYZ"!

The sound throughout the night was top notch, much better than on the "R30 tour" Kudos to the sound engineering guys! I am now looking forward to doing it all again on Friday at the NEC in Birmingham, see you after show 2!


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