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Monday, December 31, 2007

Top 3 Gigs Of The Year - 2007

Not really much competition here to be honest :-)

Number: 3

Rush - Manchester - 14/10/07

Number: 2

Rush - Sheffield - 06/10/07

and finally (and not suprisingly!):

Number: 1

Rush - Birmingham - 12/10/07

Surprised! Thought not, nuff said! Let's see what nest year has to offer! See you soon, hope you have a happy new year!!

Albums Of The Year - 2007

Well, its been a while, since i've bothered to write anything here! Mainly due to the overdose of Rush! But hey i am back with the Top 5 albums of the year! The reason it is not 10 is that this year there was an above average number of good albums so to find 5 outstanding was easier than trying to figure out ten!

So here We go!

Number: 5

Jordan Rudess - The Road Home

An album featuring covers of 70's Progressive Rock classics from bands such as Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Genesis, King Crimson and Yes! Also featuring one brand new Jordan track!

For those who don't know, Jordan Rudess is the keyboard player for Dream Theater and this is his 5th solo album! Cracking!

Number: 4

Marillion - Somewhere Else

Marillion's 14th album, is the best since 1997's "This Strange Engine". they have shifted their sound, so this album is probably more like Radiohead mixed with Coldplay, rather than the proggy style of old! A great listen though!

Number: 3

Porcupine Tree - Fear Of A Blank Planet

Fantastic Nu-Prog album! Another album that narrowly missed the five, was "Blackfield II" by Blackfield which is a Porcupine Tree spin-off band.

Again mostly mellow sounds on this! The third song "Anesthetise" features Rush's Alex Lifeson on lead guitar!

Number: 2

Rush - Snakes & Arrows

Wot, not number one! what's wrong with the world! Well I thought this would easily be the album of the year and it was till June, but then things changed!

"Snakes & Arrows" is Rush's best album for nigh on 18 years, certainly the best since 1989's "Presto" album. Just great proggy rock!

It won Classic Rock Magazine's album of the year! And they were also band of the year in the readers poll, too! Brilliant, nearly the very best of the year, until it was tipped by:

Number: 1

Dream Theater - Systematic Chaos

Just magnificent! This is what I said at the time of release:

"This is extremely Progtastic! What a fantastic album, I'd recommend it to any fan of Prog Rock/Metal. If you like Rush, Tool, Porcupine Tree, Yes or Pink Floyd, you'll love it! It features all your favourite prog stuff: 16 minute tracks, over the top keyboards, widdly solos everthing! One song sounds a bit too much like Muse, but its still good.. Rock on :-)"

It just is top notch in every way! The best guitar and keyboard performances of the year! Drumming just slightly less impressive than Neil Peart (Rush) at his best, but great stuff. Fabulous! It will take a lot to beat this next year. It could well be the metal release of the decade (so far!)