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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Staind - 04/03/06

Wow three gigs in three consecutive days! Well I said I went to a few gigs, didn't I! Saved the best till last. I love Staind and their super-depressing variety of rock and thought they were great! Notice the rescheduling, they were originally meant to have played last September, reason for change: Unknown - they were probably suffering from dark moods and wouldn't leave the house! - Next update will be sometime after the Fear Factory gig - 13/04/06ish.

Death Cab for Cutie - 03/03/06

First thing, some breaking news DCfC have announced a gig at the Leeds Uni refectory on Tuesday 27th June, of course tickets have already been sourced! OK that means they must have been good? Yes they were in a "we sound like early REM kind of a way". The info on the LUU webpage: is a bit out of date though, the article spends all its time going on about DCfC's 2003 release "Transatlanticism" which fair enough is their best album, however it is not their latest, that would be "Plans", released last September, which is also a great album as well. Best bet? Buy both, you will not be disappointed!

Friday, March 24, 2006

Sisters of Mercy - 03/05/06

Another new gig! - Sisters of Mercy - 3rd May - Leeds Uni, Goth on!!!

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Forthcoming gigs!

I never use a diary for anything so I though that here would be a good place to list all my forthcoming gigs so far for this year!

Here we go!

Fear Factory - 13th April - Leeds Met
Leaves' Eyes - 6th May - Bradford Rios
Little Britain - 10th May - Manchester MEN Arena
David Gilmour - 26th May - Manchester Bridgewater Hall
Whitesnake - 27th May - Manchester Apollo
Journey - 5th June - Manchester Apollo
Twisted Sister - 6th June - Manchester Academy I
Art Garfunkel - 19th June - Manchester Bridgewater Hall
The Who - 25th June - Harewood House, Leeds
Red Hot Chili Peppers - 12th July - Manchester MEN Arena
The Rolling Stones - 29th August - Cardiff Millenium Stadium
Iron Maiden - 14th December - Manchester MEN Arena
Iron Maiden - 18th December - Sheffield Hallam FM Arena

Ben Elton - 08/02/06

Look no metal! Ben Elton has been a favourite writer and comedian of mine for over 20 years! The Young Ones and Blackadder being amongst the best british comedies of all time. I last saw him live about ten years ago and this was his first stand up tour since. He was still very funny and delivered his routine so fast that the woman sat to my right complained to her partner that she was only catching about half of what he said!

Trivium - 02/03/06

Trivium are a metal band who have been really hyped over the last year. Also they were playing the Refectory at Leeds Uni which whilst being Leeds is biggest venue, it usually has really bad sound, not sounding too promising then. However the gods must have smiled upon the very young band from Florida (I believe the oldest member is 19) as they played a blinding show. They were very proffesional for their young age and their sound engineer must have been good as the sound was the best i had ever heard in the refec! I was sso impressed I imediately ran off and bought both of their albums! I will be seeing them again later in the year as it has been announced that they will be supporting Iron Maiden on their tour come December.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The Darkness - 11/02/06

The Darkness was to be my second gig of the year, Saturday 11th February, but how ever I was ill and had to miss it (We will not go into my illness here!), But my mate Dave and his mate Angel (who took my ticket!) thought they were great! Justin came on stage in what can only be described as a boob chariot! Shame I missed this one!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

DragonForce - 30/01/06

DragonForce would be my favourite new band! Classic Power Metal, they rock harder and certainly much faster than any band i've seen for years, and yes they bounce about on a trampoline! Here are some crappy photos from my phone! Oh yes and Buy "Sonic Firestorm" out now on Sanctuary Records, It will blow your mind!!!

Greatest Ever Gig

As this is a blog about gigs, perhaps the first thing to do is to say what my best ever gig was! It was Rush at Sheffield Arena on the 10th April 1992 (this might not be much of a suprise to many folks!), swiftly followed by the Rush gig at SECC in Glasgow, Scotland on the 14th September 2004. As many of you know I think Rush are the greatest musical combo in the history of music and It was a long wait of 12 years between gigs, Hopefully it won't take that long again!

First Post here we go!

Hello, this will end up full of rubbish, and updated about every three thousand years!!!