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Saturday, October 20, 2007

End Of Rush Week!

It is now finally the end of Rush week! Which was a blast! So to wrap up things on this subject, here are a few video clips (all the fireworky bits!) I filmed at the Birmingham show! Next gig will be Heaven & Hell in November - see you then!

Rush - 14/10/07

Sunday brought with it the final Rush gig at Manchester MEN Arena, and this was the one where we were sat the furthest back from the stage! However this seemed to produce some of the best photos!

None suprisingly the setlist was the same as the other two nights! Geddy had got his voice back and there were no mistakes tonight! (there was a false early trigger of sampled backing vocals at Brum!)and as usual a Manchester crowd is a bit more lively than those southern lot!

Here is a picture of the Rush Posse! From left to right: Honk, Myself and Seymour! This pic was taken at the finest Wetherspoons pub of them all - The Moon Under The Water in rainy ol' Manchester! (although it was amazingly dry that day!) Where much alcohol was quaffed before the gig!

And for the last time, some lovely piccies from Manchester!

Rush - 12/10/07

2nd Rush gig: Birmingham NEC - This gig was much the same as Sheffield, i.e same set list entirely, but we were on the 4th row from front this time! Crowd a bit more subdued than Sheffield, Geddy's voice faultered a few times, seemed to have a bit of a cold.

Back at the Hotel, I met Pierre Lamoureux (Rush's film-maker and live DVD director) at the Bar - he was a very nice bloke, who said he would send me some free Rush stuff! He also bought me a few pints on the band!

Here are some more photos from the Birmingham gig. Next up is the final Rush gig in Manchester!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Rush - 06/10/07 (Part 3)

Here are some more images from the Sheffield gig - these belong to a guy from one of the Rush online forums, but if you look closely at the pic above you can see he was stood about 2 rows behind me, as you can see the back of my head! (You can also see the back of my sister's head too - she's taking the photo!) So due to me inadvertantly starring in his pix, i'm knicking them :-)

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Rush - 06/10/07 (Part 2)

The highlight of the second half of the show was "Tom Sawyer" with a highly amusing special "South Park" video intro! (The South Park guys are big Rush fans!)

The pictures accompanying this blog entry are courtesy of Sarah, as was the video clip above!

The second half of the show had them beating Tool's light show, (which they in turn had nicked from Rush anyway!) by having some pyro and flame units to out do them by! Green lasers through smoke are always cool!

Also this tour they had chicken rotisseries behind Geddy to make up for him having no speakers stacks! A couple of chefs would pop out throughout the night to tend to the chickens!

The second half of the show mainly showcased songs from their latest album "Snakes & Arrows" which went down suprisingly well. They then encored with "One Little Victory" (major flameage!)"A Passage To Bangkok" and "YYZ"!

The sound throughout the night was top notch, much better than on the "R30 tour" Kudos to the sound engineering guys! I am now looking forward to doing it all again on Friday at the NEC in Birmingham, see you after show 2!

Monday, October 08, 2007

Rush - 06/10/07 (Part 1)

The first gig of the three Rush events was on Saturday at Hallam FM Arena, Sheffield - Rush have a big history in Sheffield (of sorts!) It was 30 years ago in 1977 when they played their first ever gig outside of North America at Sheffield City Hall

Their next visit to Sheffield (also at the City Hall) was in 1980 on the "Permanent Waves Tour" then here at Arena on the 10th April 1992, which was my first ever Rush gig!

So, onwards 15 years and a triumphant return to Yorkshire from the boys (or maybe "old farts") from Toronto, Canada, for what could be the gig of not just this year, but for many years to come!

As ever they provided pretty good value for 45 quid! A just under 3 hour show! Starting off where they left off 3 years ago with "Limelight" they blasted through a first half of some cracking old classics, some that they had never played live before!

Highlight for me in the first half of the show was "Mission" from 1987's "Hold Your Fire" Album! It's in my top ten ever songs and I had only seen Rush tribute band "2112" perform it before at the New Roscoe in Leeds. It was sublime!

Also in the first half was "Circumstances" from 1978 (not played since 1980, so Honk tells me) and also "The Main Monkey Business" which had some highly amusing footage of 30's and 40's films of various Monkeys apeing around!! Awesome! (Pictures courtesy of

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Rush Week!

This week is Rush week - Starting today thru next Sunday! The first review and piccies (and maybe a vid!) coming soon! Watch this space!
BTW: This was composed on a new iPod Touch, cool or what!