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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Blaze Bayley - 07/06/08

Blaze Bayley was of course the frontman of legendary brit metal band Wolfsbane and also Iron Maiden (Between 1995-1999) and He is back with his new solo album: "The Man That Would Not Die"

Blaze's popularity seems to have waned over the last few years as there were probably only around 150-175 people in attendance tonight,

However for those who came they were treated to a high octane metal fest! I thought he was brilliant!

Along with songs from his solo albums he played "Futureal", "Virus" and "Lord Of The Flies" from his time in Iron Maiden, they were great versions and his voice really is quite distinctive although his moves are slowly matching those of fellow brummie Ozzy! All in all, a brilliant gig!

That's it for now! The next gig is Queensryche next week, which also has had an unfortunate lack of sales! See you then!