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Saturday, February 24, 2007

HammerFall, Krokus and The Poodles - 23/02/07

The first gig of the year and a cracking one at that. The first band up tonight was Swedens very own: The Poodles - now I know that they don't sound very metal, and they look every so camp on their website/cd. But any band who call there album: "Metal Will Stand Tall" must be at least watchable - they were however superb,like a very heavy Poison! But the name still puts me off buying their cd.

Next up were Swiss veteral metallers Krokus, Marc Storace still sounds exactly like Bon Scott (RIP) and Krokus still sound very AC/DC which while not bad was not brilliant!

HammerFall were up next and were hilariously silly, completely over the top with comically camp metal posing and many songs about hammers, including a very shit "it's hammer time" joke.. Hammer related songs include: HammerFall, Let The Hammer Fall, Raise The Hammer, Hammer Of Justice and Reign Of The Hammer!

They were absolutely kick ass in a "we're a swedish version of DragonForce" kind of way - excellent! They moved around on Bradford Rios very tiny stage like it was an arena, very commanding!

More HammerFall - getting their cds, however seems harder than getting rocking horse shit, Although I did get 2 free cds and an inflatable HammerFall guitar for subscribing to Metal Hammer :-)

Next gig is Deftones - 9th March, see you there! (update this is wrong! it's Steven Seagal!!)

Monday, February 19, 2007

Hot Fuzz - it's not a gig it's a film!

Hot Fuzz, tis' a film not a gig, nor is it 'owt to do with music, but it is however very good! Emmy's review was quite negative in places and I thought i'd redress the balance... Yes it was predictable, but in a good way, yes it had sickening effects that i wasn't expecting, but again not a disapointment. However, as with most films these days you could have lost about 20 mins and quickened up the pace a bit! Editors today are crap! Also there were a few gags that missed the mark, but hey oh..

Emmy couldn't think of anything positive in her review - I am Mr. Negative regarding most things, but here are 10 positive points:

1: The first hour of the film is "fried gold", possibly the funniest first hour of a film i've seen in ages!
2: Multiple Bill Bailey's!
3: Timothy (James Bond) Dalton is the funniest camp villain seen in ages!
4: Edward (Equalizer) Woodward, classy!
5: The subtle piss take of "The Wicker Man" (also starring Edward Woodward)!
6: The use of score from Bad Boys II and Lethal Weapon!
7: Anne (Ken Barlow's dead wifey no: 1) Reid!
8: Nick Frost!
9: Nick Frost!
10: hmm, how about Nick Frost!
I could go on..

Overall, I would give it a strong 4 out 5, pop pickers. I think it may rate slightly higher than Shaun Of The Dead, which has a cameo appearance all of its own!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Guess who's back, Rush is back!!!

There is an approx 13 second sound clip on the website - enough to get me excited anyway!!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

"Cold gin time again..." ROA - 03/02/07

The first visit to Rock Of Ages for 2007, with a new recruit, Richard, a.k.a "Psycho" or "Me? a Bee?" coming along with the usual hardcore group of Me, Mr. Steven and Emmy! As ever we started off in the Fenton below:

As per norm in the Fenton on a Saturday night were the usual insane fancy dress people, who were pissed after finishing the "legendary" "Otley Run" pub crawl.

We invited Garry who didn't make it, perhaps due to a very scary taxi incident on my birthday where Mr. and Mrs. Steven insisted that Garry must come for Sunday dinner or face certain death.

Ahh.. the usual beer bottle shaped microphones were out in full force again!

Here follows a couple of shots of Mr. Psycho who isn't overly found of his photo taking, but knows all the words to Iron Maiden's "Aces High"!

After much booze was quaffed, we headed to the front of the stage where we encountered a very active smoke machine! Here it is attacking Emmy...

More smoke.. cough!

As usual it was a top night and Mr. Steven was super-squiffy as ever, resulting in bust nose and an inappropriate pissing incident!

Next time we hope to get some more recruits so watch this space.. There is also some actual gigs coming up soon as well.