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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Rush - Snakes & Arrows

Damn, thought I might have had this through the post today! Pesky Hopefully should still have it by release day (Monday) :-) Hopefully review will be up sometime afterwards. I have managed to resist listening to any samples on t'internet, so it will be totally fresh to me!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Rush: Tour 2007 - Can't Wait!

Rush have announced their 2007 tour! As usual, as a slightly mad Rush fan, I am going to multiple dates! Saturday 6th October - Sheffield Arena, Friday 12th November - Birmingham NEC, and also Sunday 14th October - Manchester MEN Arena. Cannot wait!!!

Dolly Parton - 24/03/07

As you may have guessed I am not the world's no:1 Dolly Parton fan, but my Dad is! We counted his Dolly albums and there were over 40! Anyway I accompanied my Dad to the above Dolly gig at Sheffield Arena, and was pleasantly suprised! She was great, I suppose after listening to Dolly albums for years, I had assimilated all the songs, as I knew every one of them! She put on a great show, and she had as much energy as someone 30 years younger! Amazing really!

Anyway there are no piccies, as cameras and even mobile phones were not allowed in the venue! There was a taped announcement saying "Please return cameras and phone back to your car"!!!

Mastodon - 12/03/07

On the day of the Mastodon gig, I was feeling at my worst, I very nearly did not go to this one. But had been looking forward to it for quite a long while!

The Corporation in Sheffield is not a fantastic venue either, quite small and odd shaped, so when you push your way to the front, you find there is a lot of space to the left hand side of the stage.

Mastodon played, what was on hindsight a blinding set, it just didn't seem that way, as I was unwell. They played nearly all of the Blood Mountain album, along witha few choice tracks from their other two albums.

My next gig after this was... wait for it Dolly Parton!

Deftones - 09/03/07

Oh dear, its been a while since i've posted anything here, as I have not been too well. So this is going back a few weeks.

This was quite a good gig considering it was at the Refec (again! The Refec is doing quite well recently in getting some good rock/metal shows!), although it did suffer a tad from the usual bad sound. I went a long to this gig with my friend Michael, who hadn't been to a gig in about 8 years. He enjoyed it very much too.

Deftones played a very mixed set with songs coming from all 5 of their albums. I didn't get in early enough to see the support band play as I had a previous engagement at the Fenton!

Here as ever are a few shots of the band! The crowd was a strange mix of young kids and old rockers!

The new songs are quite mellow, and they were the ones that sounded best, due to the ol' Refec sound!

Next gig was Mastodon at Sheffield Corporation!