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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

GPS - 26/09/06

You've got to feel sorry for John Payne (Bass, Vocals), getting kicked out of a band who he had saved from going under 14 years ago. (that would be Asia by the way!) Anyway whilst Geoffrey Downes has got the original Asia line-up back together, along with John Wetton, Steve Howe and Carl Palmer. Guthrie Govan (Guitar) Jay Schellen (Drums) also found themselves out of a job, so together they formed GPS (Govan/Payne/Schellen, geddit!)

GPS released their first album "Window To The Soul" on the 28th August, here is a picture of the CD cover, it's very good indeed:

GPS appeared on stage at the very early time of half-seven, in fact they were already on when we got to Bradford Rios. As they were supporting Y&T they only got 40 minutes. They reproduced the sound of the album very well and were on fine form, but we only heard them do five songs... how many had we missed...

Here, as ever are some pix of GPS in action:

In-between the GPS set and Y&T, it seemed like a good idea to venture to the bar and get a pint for myself and Dave. Whilst i was at the bar, I bumped into Guthrie Govan who was also buying pints. We had a chat about how good the GPS album was, and how they weren't mean't to talk about the whole "Asia thing".

It was at this point I asked him "how many songs did you play?" To which the answer was "only six, as we only got a 40 minute support slot!" I was pleased we had only missed one song. It was at this point I got his "mate" to take the following photo of us:

Anyway his "mate" was actually Jay Schellen (the drummer - pay attention!), and got the following picture with him too:

They were both very cool and not your typical "rock star" types. They even laughed when i said "I hope you don't mind me telling you this, but I've got tickets to one of original Asia shows" to which Guthrie said "well at least you get two good bands now!"

So we shall see how Geoff Downes and the "original" Asia compare, come the 28th November at the Liverpool Academy.. That's all for now.

Y&T - 26/09/06

Y&T are an old band from the 70's who are still knocking about - The main guy is called Dave Meniketti, and most of their albums are out of print, so didn't recognise many songs, only meanstreak. They were however quite good, but I'd really gone to see the support act GPS. (more on them in next post)

Here is a couple of pictures of Y&T in action:

Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Cult - 23/09/06

I wasn't feeling too well yesterday, but managed to make it anyway. Met up in The Fenton before gig with Mr. and Mrs. Steven, Mr. Mark, Dave and Debbie. Also present were Simon, t'other Paul and his other-half*, Ruth, Vanessa and her brother*. Inside the Refec, the temperature was very high, on a couple of occasions I though I might have to leave as I was not feeling too good, but the band were too good to miss. Mr. Steven et al, went down to the front, I prefered to stay a bit further back with Simon. The Cult played all the required hits, and not suprisingly ended with "She Sells Sanctuary". Some of us then headed to The Packhorse for another pint whilst we tried to order a taxi.

*Sorry, names have been forgotten again!

As ever here are a few piccies, Note: These pictures are all half-inched from Mr. Steven's blog as I had no camera available!

Firstly Myself, Mr. Steven and Mr. Mark.

Here we are with the Simon and t'other Paul!

And as ever a couple of the band in action:

Monday, September 04, 2006

More Rock Of Ages stuff!

Mr. Steven has now uploaded some of his highly dangerous and strange pictures from Saturday on to Mr. Steven's Ramblings Emporium: This one being by far the most sane out of the lot of them!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Rock Of Ages (2) - 02/09/06

Ah, t'was Rock Of Ages week again! This was our first visit since April when Mr. Rob (A.K.A. Mr. Seaweed) was here. Tonight we had a few more friends than usual: Miss. Andi and Mr. Ian from ISS, Mr. Mark from Sulzer, Mr. Paul (A.K.A. Hospital-head) and some of Emma's Blackburn crew. The night was generally good as usual, although we lost Mr. Mark and we had a bit of trouble with some geezer who said we'd nicked his seats even tho we had been there for at least half an hour. Mr. Paul had a bit of a to-do with said geezer and then went home early as the whole encounter had spoilt his night.

Anyway, the rest of us carried on, and had a good time! BTW this piccy was nicked from Emma's Bloglet without permission, but i'm sure she won't mind, as payment for use, can i point you towards: Emma's Bloglet so you can have a look at Emma's version of events and a few more quality photos! Oh and Mr. Steven, I expect to see some on your blog too! (Mr Steven's ramblings emporium)